Emergency & trauma department
          Intensive Care Unit (I.C.U)(C.C.U)          
          Surgery Operating Rooms
          Laboratory Department
          In-patient Department
          Imaging Department
          Cardiology Department
          Obstetrics & Gynecology

          Ophthalmology department
          Pediatrics Department
          Neonate Intensive care Unite

          Internal Medicine Department
          Orthopedic & Trauma Сare               Department
          Ear, Nose & Throat (E.N.T)               Department
          Plastic Surgery & Cosmetology
          General & Vascular Surgery               Department
          Physio-Therapy Department
          Dermatology Department
          Neurology & Neurosurgery              Department
          Urology Department
          Dental Department
    Egypt, Red Sea, Hurghada City,
    Al Kawther Area, Building 37 (Airport     District, In front of Mubarak-2, Behind     Bank “Barclays”)
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   Hot-line: +2 012 721 111 72
   Insurance: +2 012 856 399 90
   Tel :        +2 065 348 283 8 
   Fax:        +2 065 348 259 4
   E-mail :   info@alkawtherhospital.com

Welcome to Al Kawther Hospital – one of the biggest largest private Hospital  in Hurghada City, Red Sea, Egypt.
We provide qualified medical care to you and your family, to all residents & visitors to the Red Sea area.
Today Al Kawther Hospital is a large medical compound consisting of operation rooms, ICU, pediatric ICU, In-patient and out-patient departments, providing medical services in a lot of medical specialists what you can see in our services and departments.

Our location makes the Hospital easily accessible for visit of residents of Hurghada  and quick  access to acute medical care. Also we are ready to provide ambulance car to organize quickly medical help as it is possible.

   • Emergency department 24hours/7days a week with highly qualified staff    

     (doctors and nurses) with full equipment including ventilator, D.C. Shock,      monitors, crush car and minor operation room.
   • Fully equipped Operation Department including 2 operation theatres, recovery      room.
   • Intensive care unit (I.C.U) with full equipments including one of the most      advanced ventilators monitors with 6 waves (to measure CO2₂ and invasive      blood gases).
   • Laboratory department with highly advanced technique and under supervision of      a professor of clinical pathology.
   • Radiology department including X-ray and ultrasound (Doppler, Duplex, trans-
     vaginal, 3D, 4D, echocardiography) and C-T scan.
   • Incubators for new born with ventilators.
   • Women children health care unit.
   • Plastic surgery operations and Cosmetology.
   • Out-patient Clinics.
   • In-patient department: single, double and common rooms with full comfortable    atmosphere.
   • Ambulance car (fully equipped).

   14 clinics including:

   2.Internal medicine
   4.surgery & Vascular surgery
   5.Gynecology & Obstetrics
   6.Orthopedic & Trauma care
   7.Ear, nose & throat (E.N.T)
   8.Plastic surgery & Cosmetology

    The key of success of Al Kawther Hospital has high qualified medical personal (including
    consultants & specilists),the high technology & state of the art equipment.

Dr.Taiseer Alaraby
General Manager of the Hospital