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    Egypt, Red Sea, Hurghada City,
    Al Kawther Area, Building 37 (Airport     District, In front of Mubarak-2, Behind     Bank “Barclays”)
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   Hot-line: +2 012 721 111 72
   Tel :        +2 065 345 350 4 
   Fax:        +2 065 345 350 5
   E-mail :   info@alkawtherhospital.com

Emergency & trauma department

Because we know the value of securing life in fast, professional and efficient way we prepared AL Kawther Hospital emergency and trauma department to be fully equipped department working 24/7 for medical and surgical emergencies and consisted of highly qualified well trained and expert teamwork of doctors and nurses in all specialties.

We are able to solve the problems of the patient who are in critical situation or whom need medical help at home.
Patients are transported from any district of Hurghada or it`s suburbs as well as remote areas as Soma Bay, Makady,Sahl-Hasheesh, El Gouna, El Quseer , Marsa Alam, and others to the department in fully equipped ambulance car.

The department consists of special crews:
•   The crew of first aid,
•   The crew of immediate help at home for adults,
•   The crew of immediate help at home for kids.
Services of the emergency department include:
•  House call of the first aid crew,and if necessary,hospitalization to the specialized in-patient department
•  House call of immediate help at home or off-site.

•  House call of specialists.
•  House call of paediatrician.
•  Express lab tests at home.
•  Wide range of laboratory tests,carried out in the    laboratory of Al Kawther Hospital. The results are    reported to the patient per phone or email within 2 hours    from the time of  sampling (except hormones & cultures).
•  Diagnostic investigations at home – ECG,ultrasound of    abdomen and pelvis.
•  Medical evacuation.
Highly specialists in department of Emergency ready to answer all your questions on multi-channel telephone in any time 24/7 by phone number +2012- 72-1111-72
If you are the sick - Dial the phone number +2012- 72-1111-72

Department of Emergency and
Trauma .AL Kawther Hospital
works for adults and children 24 hours and 7 days a week.