Emergency & trauma department
          Intensive Care Unit (I.C.U)(C.C.U)          
          Surgery Operating Rooms
          Laboratory Department
          In-patient Department
          Imaging Department
          Cardiology Department
          Obstetrics & Gynecology

          Ophthalmology department
          Pediatrics Department
          Neonate Intensive care Unite

          Internal Medicine Department
          Orthopedic & Trauma Сare               Department
          Ear, Nose & Throat (E.N.T)               Department
          Plastic Surgery & Cosmetology
          General & Vascular Surgery               Department
          Physio-Therapy Department
          Dermatology Department
          Neurology & Neurosurgery              Department
          Urology Department
          Dental Department
    Egypt, Red Sea, Hurghada City,
    Al Kawther Area, Building 37 (Airport     District, In front of Mubarak-2, Behind     Bank “Barclays”)
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   Hot-line: +2 012 721 111 72
   Tel :        +2 065 345 350 4 
   Fax:        +2 065 345 350 5
   E-mail :   info@alkawtherhospital.com

Laboratory Department

Al Kawther hospital Laboratory characterized by high standard level of sterility and infection control as well
as accuracy and all of these are observed by Professors Doctor.Hosam Fahmi Professor of clinical pathology- Faculty of medicine- Ain Shams University.
• An advanced Lab providing the whole spectrum
  of blood,immunological,hormonal and serological tests.
• Microbiology studies:bacterial,virology and sexually   transmitted diseases.
• Biochemical studies.
• Tissue typing.
• Tumor markers.
• Genetic studies.

The results are obtained within minutes to several hours according to the nature of test.