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    Egypt, Red Sea, Hurghada City,
    Al Kawther Area, Building 37 (9Airport     District, In front of Mubarak-2, Behind     Bank “Barclays”)
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Obstetrics & Gynecology Department

  AL Kawther Hospital offers a full complex of medical services for women in all ages with the usage of different diagnostic and treatment methods,such as:

•  Premarital Consultation.
•  Observation pregnant women and prenatal care.
•  Postpartum observation and postnatal care.
•  Selection & adjustment methods of contraception.
•  Diagnosis & treatment of sexually transmitted infections .
•  Diagnosis & treatment of infertility including artificial    insemination and assisted reproductive techniques.
•  Diagnostic & Operative Laparoscopies.
•  Diagnosis & treatment of prolapse (drooping) of the uterus,    walls of the vagina, bladder and rectum .
•  Treatment of all forms of incontinence (physiotherapy, medical and surgical treatment).
•  Treatment of uterine fibroids, including minimally invasive surgical techniques (laparoscopy, vaginal     access).
•  Diagnostics and treatment of uterine cervix diseases, ovaries, including the methods of endoscopy and    low-invasive surgeries (colposcopy, hysteroscopy, diagnostic laparoscopy).

And also aesthetic Plastic Surgery female genital mutilation:

• Correction of congenital anomalies genitals:the creation of   neovaginy (creating a vagina in its congenital absence or   hypoplasia), enlargement of the vagina, the correction of   malformations of the uterus (excision of the walls of the   uterus and vagina,metroplasty),dissection of a rigid hymen,
• Reducing plastic(decrease)of the labia minora,reducing the   size of the vagina,
• Correction of post-natal injuries and deformities of the   perineum, vagina and cervix,
• Diagnosis and treatment of cervical and ovarian cancers, including those with endoscopic and minimally   invasive surgery (colposcopy, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy),
• Vaccination against cervical cancer,
• Diagnosis and treatment of all forms of endometriosis, including laparoscopic surgical treatment ,
• Diagnosis and treatment of pelvic pain syndrome, and adhesive disease, laparoscopic diagnosis,   dissection of adhesions,
• Climacteric disorders - Survey and individually tailored treatment, hormone replacement therapy.

Our doctors carry out diagnosis on modern high efficiency equipment: ultrasound,all kinds of tests (blood, urine, swabs, biopsy, cytology, hormones, tumor markers, and more), pregnancy diagnosis, rapid diagnostics, urgent tests and other diagnostic techniques.